What are the key parts of the faucet?

2021-01-12 1358

The faucet is a complete faucet with various accessories. So, what are the faucet accessories? Understanding them is equivalent to understanding the whole faucet, so you can master it when you buy it!

Faucet valve core

Although the faucet valve core raw materials are quite many, but in terms of usefulness, the choice of stainless steel valve core or ceramic valve core is good. What role does the spool play in the faucet? We generally say that when we rotate the handle, we are selecting the valve core to adjust the water flow speed and size of the faucet. So the valve core can be said to be the heart of the faucet.

The valve core is also divided into single hole valve core and double control valve core, but whether it is double control or single control, their rotation angle is 90 degrees, and the opening angle is about 20 degrees.


Valve body

The valve body refers to the appearance of the faucet, which is also the raw material of the faucet. The valve body materials include stainless steel valve body, cast iron valve body, all plastic valve body, brass valve body, zinc alloy valve body and polymer composite valve body. Xiaobian suggests choosing one of the three raw materials: copper, ceramics and stainless steel. Cast iron and zinc alloy are old-fashioned valve bodies, which can not meet the more needs of modern people.


Hose is used for water in and out, faucet accessories hose 50 cm long is appropriate. Pay attention not to buy aluminum wire hose together, stainless steel hose is useful. There is a very simple way to distinguish between stainless steel and aluminum wire. Hold the hose tightly with your hand. When you release your hand, the hose will turn black to be aluminum wire. If there is no change, it will be stainless steel.

These three are important parts of the faucet. It's very important to choose them well.

Article source: Jiangmen bathroom copper accessories http://www.whatralphwrought.com/

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