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  • Bathroom copper accessories manufacturers teach you the maintenance skills of bathroom hardware

    2021-01-12 1790

    Maintenance skills of bathroom hardware

    1. The bathroom should be ventilated frequently

    Develop the habit of opening doors and windows, keep the bathroom air smooth, dry and wet separation is the maintenance method of bathroom hardware accessories.

    2. Do not use corrosive acid-base solution

    Do not use corrosive sponge and detergent, bleach, vinegar, etc. containing corrosive effect, dissolved and acidic substances to clean the pendant, otherwise it will cause the appearance of the pendant to lose luster or leave scratches, which will bring great harm to the pendant. Usually use soft cotton cloth and water to scrub.


    3. Do not touch the paint

    The paint has a great corrosive effect on the surface coating of the pendant. Do not let the paint stick to the pendant.

    Neat and comfortable bathroom, can not do without small hardware, excellent hardware can make people use more smoothly and convenient, but we do not pay attention to maintenance, it will also reduce the service life of hardware.

    Article source: Jiangmen bathroom copper accessories http://www.whatralphwrought.com/

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