How to choose the bathroom hardware at home?

2021-01-12 1120

The bathroom hardware in modern family usually includes soap net, soap dish, gargle cup holder, towel ring, towel holder, bath towel holder, paper towel holder, clothes hook, storage rack, etc. these small accessories have various shapes, rich raw materials, and different equipment to meet the different needs of consumers.

The following summarizes the elements of bathroom hardware: raw materials: all copper, stainless steel, aluminum and copper zinc alloy, all copper (expensive), aluminum (easy to oxidize) is not recommended to buy, stainless steel 304 durability, high price, alloy beautiful and generous. Pipe fittings: hollow pipe and solid pipe. After all, these are light goods used to hang bath towel, towel, toilet paper, toilet paper, toilet paper and cosmetics. Hollow pipe is enough. How to judge the coating quality:

First look: Generally speaking, the brighter the surface is, the more obvious the mirror effect is, and the better the plating process is;


Second listen: listen to the introduction of several brand guides, mainly the introduction of coating. Good bathroom hardware has not only experienced the early grinding, polishing and dust removal, but also up to six or seven layers of nickel and chromium plating process. The more the coating, the better the quality;

Three grip: you can use the grip method to see the quality of raw materials, some businesses will use cast iron raw materials as copper or copper zinc alloy hardware, hold the hardware two or three seconds later to release, fog and traces quickly disappear can be judged to be copper, if the fog, traces do not disperse for a long time, the raw material is likely to be non copper.


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