How to install the copper hose of the shower?

2021-01-12 1146

Pipeline installation is also an important part of our house decoration, reasonable pipeline planning, our days can be more smooth. The use of shower copper tube is relatively extensive, and its function is also very good, but how do we install shower copper tube? Next, Xiaobian will introduce the installation skills of shower copper tube for us.

Shower copper tube

When installing sprinkler copper pipe, pipe clamps or hangers shall be set according to different pipe diameters and requirements, with accurate orientation and flat embedding. The contact between pipe clamps and copper pipes shall be tight, but the appearance of copper pipes shall not be damaged. The copper pipe support made of metal shall be selected for shower copper pipe, and the metal pad shall be added between the copper pipe and the support. The support spacing of copper pipe straight or horizontal device shall meet the requirements of Table 1 below.

The shower copper pipe should be straightened before use. The pipe should be filled with sand before straightening, and then straightened with straightener. In the process of straightening, pay attention not to use too much force, and do not make hammer marks, pits, scratches or rough marks on the surface of the pipe. The residual sand in the pipe should be cleaned in the planning of logistics work. According to the need, take appropriate amount of flux and evenly wipe it on the socket of copper pipe joint and the part where copper pipe is inserted into the joint. When the temperature reaches 650 ~ 750 ℃, the solder is fed into the welding joint. The flame can not directly heat the solder. Under the effect of capillary and wetting, the molten liquid solder can penetrate into the seam, and stop heating when all the solder melts, if heating continues. Solder will continue to penetrate in, not easy to form a full fillet. When installing copper pipe, it is necessary to prevent inverted vertical welding. If necessary, the torch flame should be aligned with the upper part of the head and heated. In order to prevent the solder from flowing down, asbestos rope can be used to wrap under the weldment to stop the flow. After welding, use wet cloth to cool and scrub the joint to stabilize the welding part and remove the slag from brazing.


According to the planning drawings, draw the construction sketch of pipeline branch, pipe diameter, diameter change, reserved hole, valve and other accessories orientation, make the symbol in the practical device orientation, measure the practical size of copper pipe by section, and prefabricate according to this. The prefabricated copper pipes shall be transported to the position of the device according to the number and arranged in turn, and then the copper pipes shall be installed in sequence. The copper pipe installation shall be carried out in the order of main pipe first and then branch pipe. A certain distance shall be maintained between the copper pipes of the shower, and the operation space shall be reserved. When installing the copper tube in a row, the straight parts should be parallel to each other. Curve part: when the copper pipe is horizontal or straight, it shall be equidistant from the straight part; when the copper pipe is parallel up and down, the curvature radius of the elbow part shall be consistent. When laying copper pipes through expansion joints, seismic joints and settlement joints, protective measures shall be taken according to the situation

The flushing of copper pipe system shall be carried out after the pressure test of copper pipe is qualified. The water inlet and water outlet of copper pipe should be in proper position to ensure that the debris in the copper pipe system can be washed clean. The sectional area of the drainage pipe shall not be less than that of the scoured copper pipe, and the drainage pipe shall be connected to the drainage ditch. The water supply copper pipe shall be flushed with the system flow rate and the flow rate not less than 1.5m until the water color and transparency at the outlet are consistent with the visual inspection at the inlet. The water containing 20 ~ 30mg / L free chlorine per liter of water was used for disinfection. The water containing chlorine stayed in the copper tube for more than 24h, and then washed again after disinfection.

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